sobota, 1 sierpnia 2015

Two moons

This is my play with oil colours, and learning that Artists' Spririt smells differently to what I thought it should - well, I still learn English, I will work on this further once I get rid of the ever present smell of the solvent....

piątek, 31 lipca 2015

Multiple drama

Technique used:
- The first layer is invisible now. It was a beautiful sunrise painted in watercolours, mainly pink and diluted reds – and in its invisibility it is no longer depicting everyday life, or a life before.
- The second layer is visible as there are some cracks under the paint. It  is painted on top of the first landscape. I put thick layers of poster paints, black and grey shadows in order to depict something unspeakable and painful in people's lives - maybe hunger, war, or persecutions, even dangerous escape. This layer dried and cracked and is peeling leaving a broken ugly feeling, with glimpses or memories of a previous better life.
- The top layer - which is the one visible now is done with acrylics and crushed eggshells - it shows an iceberg or a wall with rubble or sea waves in the foreground, and a rough sea and ominous skies in the background. There is no visible way out; there are no happy colours, there is no idea where to go from now on...
The message:
What I tried to show is the complexity and multilayer of the dramas or difficulties of life, or within one place. It is inspired by, but not restricted to, the stories of the multitudes of immigrants escaping the atrocities of their homeland desperate for a better life, It is also for all those who did not make it alive, all the broken families and embraces the people who feel endangered by their arrival, by the numbers, by the businesses they could be losing, and the message of the politicians who say nothing or  worse, say offensive things...
And where is help? Where is hope? What to do?

The meadow of smiling lips - against the rules of colours

I wanted to check whether it is possible to go against the rules - I tried to create picture with blue in the foreground and warm salmon-ish colour in the clouds, in order to play with the feel of distance - according to the rules it should be warm colours in the foreground, because they seem closer to the viewer and bigger too, and cooler tones should be in the back, because the air is bluish tint, and cool seems smaller too. With this attempt I actually have both cool and warm in both positions, the habit of many years is difficult to change - but I shall keep experimenting.

Enjoy the picture!

PS My poppies are still work in progress, to some look more like lips or saucers, the merrier the better. :-)

środa, 15 lipca 2015

More modern flowers

My artistic appettite is growing - now I am learning from other artists, Inspired by the exhibition in Eden copurt I have created the flowers in a more contemporary fashion. I like the colours, but feel uneasy a bit about the simple almost schematic aproach, it is not something I am used to doing.
This bandid stood sideways - I had a horisontal photo, on my laptop showed horisontal, when uploaded to blogger - jumped ike a mad horse, Sorry to all the viewers...

wtorek, 14 lipca 2015

Art duo

This is co-production with a fellow artist Alina Katarasinska Tokar.

Withering flowers

This is the picture of the flowers in the meadow, also of the transient pleasure in life - on two levels. The flowers were collected on a happy tandem trip, I knew they woud not last long, what I did not know, the picture will follow suit - it was thrown away at the weekend, as the final clean up started earlier than I expected (this was the last week of classes for the academic year and for the building itself).
Now my flower meadow
is part of a history, glad I had taken the photo in time.

Goodbye Midmills college and my last picture tehre...

czwartek, 4 czerwca 2015

Tulip study

Today I exercised tulip study - analitycal painting is my Achilles's heel - it is belowe level of my perception so i am struggling with imagiing and painting what i know is there, not only what I can see myself, and the little I can see is still so difficult to catch in colour shape etc. but practise makes perfect, So I start here: